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Volume II update

Returning in November with about 180 newly photographed cathedrals, and adding to those I visited earlier in 2019 and 2022 (and another 5 on two cruises very recently), I've spent some of the last 4-5 months reviewing and selecting my photographs which are the best examples of each cathedral to include in a second volume. Again, I use BookWright software from to prepare the second collection.

Keeping the same format for the cover, I'm using a different rose window, as well as different alternate cathedral pictures in the hour positions. The green band, the liturgical color for ordinary times, will help differentiate volumes.

While the first volume covered a wider list of European countries, this one only has three: Iceland, Ireland and the United Kingdom. For Iceland and Ireland, I believe that I am including all the active cathedrals in both countries, as well as many ruins in Ireland. For the UK, I have 4 more active cathedrals to visit, plus 3 Scottish ruins that I've missed but want to include.

The Caribbean nations gain more inclusion with this volume, while Canada and Mexico have a few new additions. Road trips in the United States add 134 more, leaving me 285 on my "missed" spreadsheet. My total visited is over 700, but with an estimated 5000 worldwide, it will be my obsession to continue to visit and honor these sacred buildings, and to pray in as many as I am able to enter.

A proof copy has been ordered, with 388 pages! It will accompany me in April when I make my second transatlantic crossing, this time eastbound aboard the 150th anniversary sailing of Holland America's Rotterdam. Once I return from Europe (aboard the Queen Mary II) later this summer, and fix any errors, the task of finding a printer begins. Volume I was printed in Hong Kong and they required I print 500 copies. I have many left, in a temperature- and humidity-controlled warehouse. So I'm looking for a much small print run with similar high quality. And with an estimated 125+ cathedrals on my itinerary this summer, I can start a Volume III.

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