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Deborah Burst - Author, Freelance Writer & Photographer

This is absolutely breathtaking! I was literally mesmerized. And my life's dream, but I don't believe I'll accomplish what you have here!

More than photographs, more than history, this book presents an emotional journey through an ever changing world. Cathedrals to the Glory of God captures the essence of religious convictions and the wonder of historic architecture. As an author and travel writer who has written books on historic churches, this book brought tears to my eyes. A mesmerizing collection of cathedrals with varying architectural designs, it is a book that will transport you to many lands, and with every page, the dreams begin, a longing to witness the same. 


Deborah Burst 

Author, Freelance Writer & Photographer

Member of SATW (Society of American Travel Writers) and NATJA (National American Travel Journalist Association)

Rev. Canon Robert G. Carroon, DLitt - Canon of Christ Church Cathedral

KB Cook has "made a major contribution to ecclesiastical history...


"Never before has such a comprehensive anthology on episcopal seats of worship been produced and it is made even more timely in light of such incidents as the recent fire at the Cathedral of Notre Dame in Paris which reminds us of the need for the kind of record which Mr Cook has produced."


The Rev. Canon Robert G. Carroon, DLitt..

Canon of Christ Church Cathedral, Hartford, Connecticut

Former Dean of the Cathedral Church of All Saints, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Historiographer of the Diocese of Connecticut

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