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Cathedral discovered

In a recent daily email from Atlas Obscura, they reported on an archeological site in Sudan where the ruins of a cathedral (active from the 6th to 14th centuries) had been uncovered. You can read more details at I've put it on my list.

Following up on my cancelled gulf coast trip (where I escaped driving during Tropical Storm Claudette), I'm pasting a few paragraphs summarizing my medical adventures in June and so far in July. Orthopedic surgery put a plate with 11 screws to fix the ulna, and a "fake" head to heal the radius. Here's an x-ray (least gruesome of my pictures!)

The gulf coast trip will probably happen in April 2022, between the Caribbean cruise and the trip to Europe. Lots of reasons to get fully better.

Meanwhile, I've been busy using my Medicare benefits. Cryoblation for a return cancer spot on the right kidney June 7. June 13, while packing for a 2-week road trip, I slipped and hit my right elbow on the tile flooring, breaking both forearm bones and jamming the humerus into the ligaments. (Serious surgical repair June 15.) Then my bladder stopped draining, requiring another trip to the ER to get a Foley to drain 2600cc on the 20th. Elbow wrap off the 24th (looked "good"?) with OT starting the following day. Saw the urologist on the 28th, and was still unable to urinate, so a new Foley (on the third try). A week ago I had a low fever after OT, and again Wednesday the 7th, so urologist sent me to the ER again. Blood and urine tests indicate severe sepsis, so admitted for 3 nights. Citrobacter freundii in urine, getting antibiotic infusion (ceftriaxone) daily until July 30.

Arm brace off 7/26. OT will continue until? Urologist wants to run a bladder function test (cystometrogram) before pulling the catheter (I got a new one while in hospital), but their office doesn't have resources and hasn't scheduled.

My attitude and spirits are up, making lemonade, as it were. One hand typing is a pain, so I don't do it often. Lost 10+ pounds, appetite dropped, no booze. I'll hopefully be traveling before fall.

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