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The inspiration for this book is a combination of three passions: travel, photography and cathedrals. When I conceived of this project, I began by using my contemporary pictures that I had taken on travels in the U.S. and by bicycle trips in France. Then I became curious to see what other cathedrals I had captured over fifty-plus years.


Somewhere along this journey I discovered that I had enough photos to create a book. Soon my travel plans started to be driven by how and where I might visit additional places to memorialize more of these great houses built by the faithful to honor God.


Rather than trying to capture multiple aspects of a particular church, I elected to use just one image per cathedral. Photos are grouped by national location, and then the subsets of province, region, state. This book has slowly evolved to this present format. I am proud that the photo is unaltered, other than cropping, and shows exactly what was in front of me.


This collection reflects less than 10 percent of the cathedrals worldwide. This gives me impetus to continue traveling and visiting more cathedrals. I hope Cathedrals to the Glory of God will do this for you too.


KB Cook

Cathedrals to the Glory of God

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