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Greek Orthodox Cathedrals in London

Updated: Jun 29, 2019

When I began planning my #Britain trip, one of my first tasks was building a list of #cathedrals in #England, #Wales, #Scotland, #NorthernIreland and #Ireland. Pulling information from Wikipedia and Gcatholic online, I had a fairly thorough list. I did have to search around for Orthodox cathedrals separately to feel the list was complete.

Because there turned out to be 20 entries on my list for #London, I turned to Google Maps to locate them and determine how best to organize walking tours to see them all. While only 6 are purpose built, the others were still cathedrals with bishops.

On the list are 7 #GreekOrthodox cathedrals. Nearest to where I stayed in Lambeth is the Cathedral Church of the Nativity of the Mother of God.(384) I wound up going twice, as I lost my camera after 4 days of taking pictures. On my return, fortunately the caretakers were available and allowed me inside!

To the west of the center of London, the Cathedral Church of St Nicholas is in White City. (237) Another red brick building, it is situated in a residential neighborhood and on a corner behind a low wall; and was locked.

North of the St Pancras train station were two, All Saints (218) with its columned portico and St Andrew (278) dark brick and open. Both are in more residential urban settings. In the northern suburbs of Wood Green and Golders Green are, respectively, the Cathedral Church of the Dormition of the Mother of God (292), its multiple levels built in light brick, and the Cathedral Church of the Holy Cross and St Michael (271), a bilevel brick church.

The purpose built Greek Orthodox cathedral is dedicated to St Sophia situated near the Russian Embassy. Lovely exterior and also inside, it was the more impressive. (324)

For those who are curious, the other nationalities associated with orthodox cathedrals in London are Armenian, Antiochan, Syriac, 2 Russian, and Georgian.

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1 Comment

I appreciate your detail in planning & then pursuing your itinerary. I was especially captured by the barrel ceiling of the Cathedral Church of the Nativity of the Mother of God. The compactness of the sanctuary was surprisingly counterpoint to its auspicious name, but completely satisfying to me in its tender, even lyrical beauty & balance. The design is homage to the Nativity itself. Hope to see more from you soon. By the way, did you recover your camera? Safe travels always!

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