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All ashore! Final day of my Caribbean trip

After a week cruising, it was Sunday and we were back in San Juan. I was up at 7, had oatmeal at the Garden buffet on 15 by 7:20. For the city tour, we were to go to the Epic Theater for instructions. First step was to go claim luggage and pass through customs and immigration. After dropping the roller for the porters to load into the bus, those members of the singles’ group and others climbed into the bus and we set off.

First stop on the tour was the furthest point west: el Moro, were we got closer to the wall overlooking the cemetery. It was a cloudy, blustery day, with dark overcast clouds. Eastward, with 50 minutes to climb about and explore the San Cristobal Fort, this tour became a great option. Despite my fear of heights, I climbed wet, slightly slippery stone to reach the parapet, where I took pictures with the zoom to spots outside the fort, as well as within.

I’d not been into the largest fort on the island during my visits before to Old San Juan. Then our driver drove us by the Capitol building again. We had 20 minutes to spend at the windy Isla Verde beach before we pulled up in front of the airport dropoff.

About 6 of us, less Martin who needed to check-in for his flight to Germany, headed with Phyllis to the Airport Hotel. She had booked a room, as her flight was early the following morning, and offered to “host” us while we waited to check-in and board flights home. At the hotel restaurant I had (I think) a burger, and we then went up to the pool deck. It had rained, so seating was wet, but we hung out for an hour or so before I decided I needed to go see Jet Blue (which was at the furthest end) to check-in.

Once into the sterile zone (past TSA), JetBlue announced equipment was delayed. I purchased a large bottle of Evian, and a couple of pocket pizzas to have onboard for supper. Once on board (about an hour behind schedule), I had an empty seat in the middle, and settled in for the ride to Tampa. We were about a half hour late. Nancy collected me and I got home to a closed up, slightly stuffy house (my housesitter had left that morning, and there had been unseasonably cool weather while I was away), and unpacked. Laundry in the morning.

Phyllis had sent out an email to the group with everyone’s email (except the elusive Shirley) and threatened to begin planning our next cruise together in January.

Away 13 days. Fourteen hundred fifty photos, with 16 new cathedrals for the next Cathedrals to the Glory of God. Added the Virgin Islands to my USA list, and 4 new countries to my world list. Favorite port would be St Kitts. Would return to all, but next time see more island and less churches, have more control of what to see. Weight gain of 4 pounds, probably due to the alcohol consumption (mostly whiskey/whisky) but tempered by always using stairs.

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Did you take stairs to the 15th floor for oatmeal? That's impressive. Sound like a wonderful group to travel with. Glad you got home safely.

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