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2022 Europe Trip blog links in chronological order

Updated: Nov 10, 2023

The way blogging works is that the most recently added (or updated) blog appears at the top of the list. When I've written and posted my trip reports, this entails a reader desiring to follow my journey to scroll down, sometimes expanding to find the first blog.

The blogging software is very limited in scope. Basically, a writer puts words and photos into a template and "publishes". There is a table option, but each cell is the same size, and the cell's content has to be entered individually. (No copying and pasting!) So taking contents from a spreadsheet (which is how I manage my itineraries) could prove tedious. And would look ugly!!

I think the Word document that is below (which I would much rather have pasted here, but I've already explained blogging limitations) will show four columns with a clickable link to the relevant blog in the rightmost column. The document has been scanned for malware and is clean. (The PDF creation fails with the links; headers don't seem to work.) Yes, it's frustrating for me.

Any feedback is most welcome and will be appreciated.

blog link table
Download DOCX • 25KB

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