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Cathedrals to the Glory of God is a collection of photographs of 350 cathedrals and significant churches, taken by KB Cook on his travels in Europe and the Americas. Unaltered, he presents each view as it was when the picture was taken.


The photos were collected, the oldest taken in 1977, on cycling trips in Western Europe, crossing the United States, on Caribbean cruises, and travels near and far. Cook marvels at the different approaches builder-architects have taken over the millennium. His pictures capture many elements and invite the viewer to seek further, to plan their own visits. These journeys may involve travel, or can be done through the Internet, but being there is best. As we have witnessed, human-caused and natural disasters can harm these edifices, so photography is yet one more method to record these beautiful structures for posterity and in our own memories.


The 12-inch by 12-inch (30cm x 30cm) photobook with 348 heavy stock pages has been printed in a limited edition. It features over four hundred color photos carefully selected from Cook's archives and displayed artfully. He continues to travel, researching the next cathedral to photograph as he feeds his obsession. A second edition with newly taken photos is contemplated, as trips are planned and itineraries developed.

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