Tour Cuba anyone?

After a 5-day cruise in November 2018 which included an overnight in Havana, I've been motivated to return and see more of the island of Cuba. After a recent email offering a tour there (7-days, too much money,) I made a query online and found what I feel is a great option. And it fits into my calendar when I do their 15-day trip starting November 28!

The Australian-based Big Planet Adventures sponsors Cuban Adventures USA (out of Los Angeles). After checking out their offerings, I've opted to book the "Canchánchara to Cucurucho" tour. Mapping their overnight stops (in blue on the map) with the locations of Catholic cathedrals (in red), this trip should allow me to add 6 more cathedrals to the 5 I included in Cathedrals to the Glory of God. Plus see this island and meet more of the wonderful people there.

The webpage to get details for the tour is found here: 15 Day Cuba Tour. Speaking with Sarah, a staff member, there's a possibility (since American Airlines may begin service between Miami and Santiago de Cuba and/or Cienfuegos in November) that the tour might be restructured to decrease the car-based travel time, which I'd personally welcome. I've got a confirmed tour reservation, and hope that up to another 11 will sign up before October 1 so that this trip happens. Come join me, please!

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